«Virtual Rides® 2» is the long-awaited sequel of the first funfair-ride simulation «Virtual Rides® No1» for your pc and mac.

With improved high detailed 3D objects, and a whole much-used fairground the user gets an unique atmosphere of a real one. Also the rides are physically correct simulated.

The simulations are delivered in a pre defined fairground scene with booths, a carnival marquee and other stuff you can find on a fairground. Every ride has lighting effects, real-time running light shade, fog and other functions such as a music player included.

Take a seat behind the Cash register and feel what it is like to be a Ride Operator controlling every aspect of the Ride using a realistically depicted Control panel. Use your mouse or keyboard to interact with the control panel– the choice is yours.

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day and night

Set the time of day, turn the lights on and off and create your scene like you want!


Choose between different light colours, programs, fadings and strobes.

moving light

Choose between different predefined programs and customize the moving light like you want.


Set the weather to rainy, stormy, clean or everything between.


stunning object details and high definition 3d models


a whole fairground with all the rides included in «Virtual Rides® 2»


in «Virtual Rides® 2» you are able to customise your rides like you want

hand drawn back walls

an airbrush expert for funfair rides made unique hand drawn back walls for «Virtual Rides® 2»

realistic control panels

Control the rides on a realistic control panel

iPad and Tablet support

Get the Virtual Rides 2: Controller App from the AppStore or google play and control your rides at your fingertips.

Virtual Reality

«Virtual Rides® 2» supports Oculus Rift!


In «Virtual Rides® 2» people wait in the queue line, walk trough the square or ride the rides.